TANNING BEDS ARE A THING OF THE PAST! Spray tanning is the new and improved, healthy way to add radiant color to your skin!

Bronzatura Airbrush Tanning Studio is an upscale spray tanning facility located conveniently in Cherry Hill, NJ. Bronzatura Tanning Studio specializes in providing all of our clients with superior quality and customized spray tans. Our goal is to deliver a spray tan that is both safe and tailored specifically to your skin tone. At Bronzatura we understand that everyone’s skin is unique and different. We also understand that in order for your tan to appear natural the shade of your spray tan must be customized to address these differences.  At Bronzatura our spray tan solutions contain no harsh chemicals and are guaranteed to be 100% organic and all natural. All of our tanning solutions also contain antioxidants and vitamins. So not only will you receive a gorgeous tan, our tanning solutions will revitalize and improve the overall health and appearance of your skin. All of Bronzatura’s spray tans are applied  by highly trained technicians. Thus, ensuring our clients a guaranteed natural and flawless spray tan that you can count on every time. Our technicians are also extremely knowledgeable and are here to educate you and answer any questions you may have. Best of all, each of our tanning rooms are designed to provide you with a comfortable and private tanning experience. We are dedicated to consistently providing our clients with the highest quality and personalized spray tanning experience possible. At Bronzatura Airbrush Tanning Salon we are committed to always providing you with the greatest level of customer satisfaction. Call or come visit us and let us show you what a “real” spray tan is all about!