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12 Adorable Halloween Costumes You Have To See

Parents, Enjoy!

(Babies and Pets, We’re Sorry For Encouraging Them!)

It’s almost that time of the year again! We’ve compiled pictures of some seriously genius Halloween costumes. So whether you’re dressing up your human baby or your animal baby (or both!) we strongly suggest you check these out!

Note To Parents Of Little Trick-or-Treaters: Don’t forget to take lots of pictures, so you have options for their senior yearbook baby page! (It’ll be great blackmail.)





Could it get any cuter? Seriously. There’s no way. We’ve officially reached the limit for cuteness and there’s no going back. We hope you parents (and pet parents) really enjoy your Holiday time with the little ones! Make memories and make it count!

We here at Bronzatura hope you all have a very Happy Halloween!

xoxo Kit

Brave Young Girl Organizes Local Fundraiser for Type 1 Diabetes !

Join Bronzatura in Helping an Amazing Cause !!!

  Emily's Eagles

Recently a client of ours approached us about helping to sponsor a fundraiser to support research for Type 1 diabetes. The powerful story that I’m about to tell you blew us away. Often times, we get so wrapped up in our lives and our problems that we forget about the challenges others around us are facing. We all talk of how we want to live in a better world and be a better person but sometimes life gets in the way. We get too overwhelmed, overworked, and over obligated to actually take the time to make a difference. However, sometimes we encounter someone who shines so brightly and pulls at our heart-strings so hard that we have to pay attention. I believe the young lady I am about to tell you about is one of those shining stars and I believe she could teach us all a thing or two about taking action to make a difference.


Emily’s Eagles

Everyday we hear about diseases and illnesses that others suffer with but we don’t normally get to see the story behind all the brave faces who struggle with these things every day of their lives and still find it in them to be strong and never give up. So with no further ado, I’d like to introduce you all to Emily. Emily is a brave 17-year-old who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 8 – almost ten years ago. If you are not familiar with T1D let me give you a few facts. With Type 1 Diabetes, a person’s pancreas stops producing insulin, a hormone that enables people to get energy from food. The body’s immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, called beta cells. There is nothing you can do to prevent T1D, and as of now, nothing you can do to get rid of it. Emily has to check her blood sugar several times a day and has to administer insulin when needed through a pump that she has to have on her at all times. As if being a teenager, graduating high school, and planning for college and her future isn’t hard enough on its own.

Walk To Cure Diabetes

Emily and Dana

Shortly after her diagnosis, Emily and her family organized “Emily’s Eagles” to participate in the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes and have walked every year since. From 2005 to present, Emily’s Eagles has raised more than $21,000 to find a cure for diabetes. This year Emily and her big sister have decided to take their fundraising efforts to an even higher level by hosting an event called Flip for a Cure. Flip for a Cure will raise money to fund research for Diabetes Type 1.There are as many as 3 million american’s suffering from this disease, and there are more than 30,000 children and young adults diagnosed with it each year. This is why we need to come together and do our part to help find a cure to this disease. With the help of JDRF and their support of research for diabetes, these children and young adults can learn to manage it and live long, healthy lives. Bronzatura will be helping to sponsor this event and hope you join us in this effort to make a difference!


“So shines a good deed in a weary world.” – W.S.


Flip For A Cure

Flip For A Cure

Flip for a cure will be held  on Saturday, October 18th at P.J. Whelihan’s in Cherry Hill, NJ. People can either participate in the Flip cup tournament or buy a ticket to be a spectator.  This is your chance to come out and support a great cause (type 1 diabetes (T1D) research) and have big fun while doing it! All teams playing in the flip cup tournament will have the chance to win a $250 grand prize sponsored by Fletcher Roofing! Team players and spectators will have the chance to win amazing raffle prizes and a 50/50, too! Music by DJ XTINA from Wired 96.5! For more information you can visit or search “Flip for a Cure” on Facebook to learn more. Registration is FREE and only takes a minute! For complete tournament rules, please click here.


If you can not attend but would to donate directly to Emily’s Eagles, click here. For more information regarding JDRF’s Walk to Cure Diabetes or more facts on Type 1 Diabetes you can visit


Why Go Organic?

organic spray tan

Safe tanning

First of all, many non-organic spray tan solutions can contain chemicals that can dry out your skin. So there is also a chance that your skin can absorb potentially toxic chemicals if you continually use a non-organic solution. Not only will it protect your health by coming to an organic airbrush salon like Bronzatura, but it also will help to save the environment. All-natural cosmetics are made with sustainable technologies and therefore have a smaller impact on the environment than beauty products that use the traditional process.

At our salon you will receive natural-looking results and we guarantee that! Because organic solutions use mild tanning agents, it’s much easier to control the results and find the perfect color to match every skin tone.


healthy skin

All of our solutions are either water or aloe based and are designed to improve the skin as they work.  We even have solutions that contain moisturizing and anti-aging benefits. The all natural ingredients in our solutions make it perfect for people with allergies and sensitive skin as well.

In inorganic solutions there are chemicals that have been approved for cosmetic use but researchers haven’t been able to study the long-term effects of them, so using organic solutions can help you prevent your skin from absorbing those harmful chemicals.

Overall our airbrush salon offers a safer alternative to, not only uv rays, but harmful chemicals that other spray tan solutions might contain.



1867 Greentree Rd.

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003


The History of Tanning

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel

For hundreds of years people considered tanned skin a sign of poverty, it was believed to be proof that someone worked outdoors. High class women shielded their skin from the sun, and even went to extreme measures to achieve a porcelain white complexion. All of that changed because of a French fashion designer named Coco Chanel. In 1923, after sailing on a yacht in the Riviera, Coco came home sporting a tan that launched into a fad, and eventually, an entire industry. Before long everyone wanted to look bronzed, and they all spent hours working on their tans. Sunburns were very common, leading to a significant rise in skin cancer.

Vintage Spray Tan

First spray tan machine

Dermatologists warned about how damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun were, so they designed the first tanning bed. Before long doctors began to realize that tanning lamps might even be more dangerous than the sun. Those who want to sport a tan nowadays, without the damage or risk of skin cancer, have turned to “sunless” tanning. Spray tans have come a long way since they were first introduced during World War 2. In the beginning they got a bad rap for being orange or streaky, but products nowadays are much more refined and can give tanners the same natural look that they’d get from the sun. There’s also many spray tan products that are completely organic, like the ones we use here at Bronzatura. If you haven’t switched over to spray tanning yet, come in and try it today for only $20 and you’ll fall in love with our safe and natural alternative to harmful ultraviolet rays!


1867 Greentree Rd.

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003


Prom 2014: The Best Shade of You

Prom Tan Special

Prom Special

There’s no denying how much us girls love the glitz and glam of prom season! Sharp dress, big hair, matching mani/pedi, dolled up and done up for all to see; but the best accessory you’ll wear this prom season will be the best shade of you.

Designed with health and beauty in mind, Bronzatura knows that every woman is unique. Her tan should be too. With customizable bronzers, our organic products adjust and compliment your skin’s natural tones for a flawless look that could never be achieved from a natural suntan or sunbed.

No harsh chemicals, lasting smells, tan lines, wrinkles or burns with us! Our streak-free airbrush tans last 5-10 days after just a single spray session and won’t rub off on clothes or jewelry. The only thing you have to worry about on prom night is the shoes you’re in and the friends you’re with. You’re guaranteed to look fierce in every picture.

Plus, if you’re planning on extending the festivities with a trip to the shore, you’ll be ready to hit the beach with cinnamon skin and towel in tow! Bronzatura’s bronzing solutions are laced with moisturizers that not only enhance your tan, but extend its duration long after your special night has come and gone.

Take advantage of our current special for all new prom queens: TWO Full Body tanning sessions for just $35!**

Bronzing is a breeze at Bronzatura. Call us today to schedule your session: 856-985-9855

 **Prom Special valid for first time guests only. Must show student ID. Services must be redeemed by May 30, 2014. Offers may not be combined. Not valid for gift cards.  Expires 5-30-2014.



1867 Greentree Rd

Cherry Hill, NJ 08052

Exciting News From Bronzatura Airbrush Studio!


Happy Holidays







There has been a lot of excitement happening here at Bronzatura Airbrush Studio during these last few weeks!

The holidays are quickly approaching, and we know that everyone is busy with shopping, cooking and rushing around, so we have decided to extend our hours in an effort to accommodate you, our special guest, so that you will have time to complete all your busy holiday “to-do’s” and ensure that you can look your best at all your Holiday Events. Below is a list of days we have extended our hours and also the days that our facility will be closed:

Sunday, December 22nd – 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Monday, December 23rd – 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
Tuesday, December 24th – 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Wednesday, December 25th – CLOSED
Thursday, December 26th – CLOSED

Sunday, December 29th – 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Monday, December 30th – 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
Tuesday, December 31st – 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Wednesday, January 1st 2014 – CLOSED

Spray tan

Spray tan

AFL Soul

Philadelphia Soul








We are also ecstatic to announce that Bronzatura Airbrush Studio has officially been contracted by the Philadelphia Soul Cheerleaders! We will serve as the official spray tanning salon for the girls, for the 2014 season. The cheerleaders, known as the Philadelphia Soulmates, cheer for an American Football League team that was started by Jon Bon Jovi in 2004 and is now run by former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski! We are very happy to sponsor these ladies and excited to see what the new year holds!

Also don’t forget Bronzatura has a PRIVATE SUITE for groups of five or more, along with group discounted rates. Relax with your friends or family VIP style while receiving that gorgeous Bronzatura airbrush tan. For further information please contact us at 856-985-9855.



Thank you again for business and support.

“The Experiment” Day 2: My Tan Survived Microdermabrasion

Tan Lines

Say no to Tan lines

Following up with Day 2! This morning I showered, put on my normally tight clothes to go run my errands and headed over to my second job. I’ve had two showers since I was spray tanned by Alexis and my tan is still looking as good as new (see the tan line pic). I’ve been using the Tiny Bubbles Tan Extending Body Wash I had mentioned in the previous blog (which smells amazing, as well as keeps your tan lasting by the way!) and used Nair on my legs, which also had no damage on my spray tan. My tan is completely smooth all over my skin. It isn’t rubbing off on anything that I put on and it isn’t “melting off” or “flaking off” as some people I know may fear. I am completely in love with my beach look!

And then went to school in the evening and completely forgot we were learning how to do microdermabrasion, a facial with extreme exfoliating done manually with the help of a machine.

Tan after photo

After Photo

Immediately I panicked, worrying about having nothing to write on this blog because I will have completely butchered the spray tan by the time the next entry is up due to the excessive exfoliating. But because I needed the grade, I had to suck it up and get the microdermabrasion. My classmate and friend joked about how he would get me to become “two-toned” as he made all the random passes all around my face…twice. My tan is definitely not going to survive once this is all over, I kept fearing. Then the procedure came to an end, and after he finished up with the rest of the facial, my friend told me to go look in the mirror to “see all the damage” he had done. I ran over to the mirror, ready to cry over my two-tonedness…until I realized that, to my surprise, I was still tanned!?! I looked under my chin, around my lips, on the sides of each cheekbone and my forehead. There was still an even tan! I looked at my friend who told me “maybe I’ll be coming to Bronzatura Airbrush Studio because, trust me, I gave you no mercy and you still have a solid color on you!” I had no idea how anyone else in the world would believe this. I keep finding it hard to believe myself. But apparently a Bronzatura Airbrushed tan is strong enough to survive the microdermabrasion procedure (although I definitely recommend getting microdermabrasion a few days done BEFORE you choose to get a spray tan)!

And here I am, with my tan post-microdermabrasion!

Stay tuned for Day 3!

“The Experiment” Day 1: Spray Tan Day

So this is it…spray tan day for me!

Pre tan

Before my Tan

I walked into Bronzatura fresh out of the shower, and as usual Monday mornings, Alexis greeted me with her smile at the front desk. She had me fill out a client form as I waited for her to check me into the computer. After, she took a look at my leg, which she explained is normally the palest part of our bodies, to help us determine which color shade of tan I would want. Based on my desired shade and her suggestion of what would compliment my skin best, we decided to go with 1/2 light 1/2 medium.

Then she walked me through a familiar hallway to one of the six private rooms in the back where clients are spray tanned.  Alexis explained to me that she would leave the room so that I could comfortably undress and prepare my skin to be fully airbrush tan-ready.

Barrier cream

Barrier cream

She told me about the spray bottle in the room that contains a pH  spray and how to administer it to my skin. This spray is designed  to a) help hold the tan longer, b) balance the pH level of the skin, and c) counteract any substance that may have been left behind on the skin that could potentially block color. Next, she explained that the DHA barrier cream was to be applied on the bottoms of my feet and hands to block the spray and keep the color from staining these areas. She also informed me about usage of the safety kit in the room which contains eye safety goggles and a little box of Vaseline along with application sticks.  The Vaseline is available to clients, so they can apply some of it to their lips and inside their  nostrils to protect them from ingesting any DHA (although there are debates on whether or not DHA should be or is safe to be ingested, we at Bronzatura Airbrush Studio pride ourselves on being a healthy alternative to tanning. So if there is even a “one-in-a-million” chance that  breathing in any DHA is harmful, we want our clients to have things here to maintain and protect their health and skin while getting the spray tan of their dreams. The use of these safeguards is not required by Bronzatura, and typically is not offered at other salons with spray tanning services, but again the safety of our clients is very important to us.)  Next, I got changed (and for quick a side note to all people who are to get a spray tan anywhere, the mandatory minimum required by law is that you at least have on bottoms. Anything else is completely up to the guest’s comfort level). I put on a hair net and the Vaseline. Then I rubbed the DHA Barrier Cream on the bottoms of my feet and I was ready for my spray tan.

proper care

Proper after care

After a few minutes Alexis knocked on the door to see if I was ready. When she came in, she attached the spraying gun to the hose on the wall of the room and explained to me how to stand (to spread my feet and legs apart, keep my arms up and apart and to not touch the walls or anything on my body). Before I knew it, I was turning in a few simple poses getting sprayed in my color of choice! I couldn’t wait to see the results! Alexis sprayed on two coats of color and before I knew it, I was a bronzed bombshell. Before Alexis left the room, she set a timer and I was to dry my tan accordingly with the blow dryer until it buzzed. Then, I put on the loose clothes I had, to protect my tan from any streaking. I still felt kind of sticky, as Alexis had informed me would likely be the case, so it is very important to be sure that your clothes are loose (and dark, so that your tan’s cosmetic coating doesn’t rub off and cause any streaking!).

Before shower

Before photo

Just in the few seconds it took to walk from the room out to the front desk and guest waiting area, my tan darkened and intensified. This is because of the cosmetic coating, which will wash off during your first shower, 8 hours after receiving your  tan. Alexis talked to me more about the cosmetic layer, and promised that once I washed off the color coating, a natural, golden glow would be revealed. Alexis also reminded me to not shower until 6-8 hours had gone by. She informed me that for the next few days when showering, to only use my hands as opposed to a loofah, rag, or sponge and warned me not to exfoliate. She also suggested I be cautious of which brands I used as far as body washes and soaps went (Victoria’s Secret, Dove, Bath & Body Works and bar soap are no-gos). I decided that I wanted to


Designer Skin

preserve my color and purchase a product that was made for complementing and boosting my tan, as well as maintaining the color. I decided to go with the adorably packaged Tiny Bubbles Body Wash based on its ingredients designed to not only hold my tan but nourish and repair damage to my skin . In addition, I chose the product based on overhearing Alexis and many of the other staffs previous claims that Tiny Bubbles is one of their most recommended products.

Spray tan

Spray tan

I headed to my other job and by the time I arrived home, the cosmetic coating color was looking much darker, which Alexis had told me would happen and I was prepared for. I knew this was just the cosmetic layer and the fact that my color had fully developed over the last several hours.  In the shower, I was surprised to see how much color washed off judging by the brownish water at the bottom of my tub, yet I could see looking at my skin how much color was still remaining. Once I was dried off (pat drying that is, like I was instructed), I ran over to my mirror to see the final look and goodness, was I impressed. The current color of my formerly  pale skin was incredible. Not only were there no streaks or “orange” or two-toned shades anywhere…but the tan looked completely natural and as a bonus made me look slimmer!

As I had been a few other times before, I was sold. Bronzatura had once again delivered another “always bronze and never orange” natural looking tan.

Final result

The final result !