At Bronzatura, We have a no orange guarantee. Your tan will always be bronze and never orange.
We suggest that you wear loose, dark clothing and flip flops or slip-on shoes to your appointment. For the best results, you do not want clothing or foot wear that will rub against the skin during drying time.
New Jersey State Law requires that clients must wear a minimum of a thong during their spray session. All other clothing is optional. We do offer free disposable bottoms and tops to our clients if needed.
If you plan on swimming, please be aware that chlorine can cause fading or complete removal of your tan. However, ocean water is fine and will have no damaging effects on your tan appearance.
Avoid getting waxed after your spray. When shaving, take your time and be as gentle as possible and do not use shaving creams that are high in alcohol.
DHA “Dihydroxyacetone” is the active ingredient in most sunless tanning products and in our tanning solution. When DHA is applied to the skin, it causes a chemical reaction with the amino acids in the top layer of your skin. This reaction causes the skin to have a brown appearance.
Yes. All of our spray solutions are 100% organic and all natural. Our solution is Aloe Vera based, contains no harsh chemicals and is Paraben free.
Your initial appointment will take less than 30 minutes from start to finish.
Although tips are not a requirement at Bronzatura, they are greatly appreciated.
In New Jersey, you must be over age 14 to be spray tanned. Anyone between the ages of 14 -17 must be accompanied on their first appointment by a parent/guardian. The parent/guardian will be required to sign a release waiver for the minor.
Bronzatura’s sunless tanning solution does not contain any SPF. Therefore, you can tan and possibly burn under your spray tan. We suggest that anytime you are exposed to the sun, you should always protect your skin.
We suggest that pregnant women consult with a doctor prior to scheduling an appointment.
The main component in sunless tanning solutions is DHA. DHA is a non-toxic, simple sugar made from sugar or sugar beets. Since 1970, DHA has been approved for use on skin and is found in most cosmetics and all sunless tanning creams. Spray tan solutions with DHA have been recommended by all of the major medical and skincare associations around the world.
Our priority is to make sure your tan always looks natural. We have several different shades of color so that we can always customize your desired tan to your skin tone.
Your tan will last between 5 -10 days depending on your skin type and how well you follow aftercare instructions. A spray tan only affects the top layer of skin cells. Since your body is constantly shedding dead skin cells in order to regenerate new ones, the rate that you shed these skin cells will determine how quickly your tan will fade.
If you plan on swimming while on vacation, salt or fresh water will not affect the quality of your tan. However, Jacuzzis and pools that contain chlorine will. Chlorine has a bleaching component in it that will either cause blotching or complete removal of your tan.Your sunless tan does not protect you from the sun. If you are planning on using a SPF or tanning lotion, you should avoid oils or sprays. Sprays contain high levels of alcohol and oils pull from your pores. These products may drastically affect the appearance and quality of your tan. Since it is important to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, you will want to apply a SPF that is a cream.
Your spray tan will be applied by one of our highly trained technicians.
Non-organic spray tan solutions contain several harsh chemicals. With continued use of a non-organic solution, you risk the chance of your skin absorbing these potentially toxic chemicals.
We recommend that you do not schedule manicures or pedicures the day of your tan. Optimally you want to schedule these appointments the day before your tan. Pedicures that include exfoliating of the legs will ruin the appearance of your tan. In addition, lotion that is not completely removed from the skin can block the solution from properly adhering to your skin causing streaking or an uneven appearance.
The best time to schedule an appointment would be 2 days before the event, especially if it is your first time here. At Bronzatura, we are the only airbrush studio to offer a free touch up within 48 hours of your tanning session.
Our tanning solution is machine washable and should not stain clothing or sheets. However, there is a chance the bronzer will stain fabrics like nylon, silk, leather or satin. If you are going to sleep in your spray tan, we also suggest that you sleep in long pajama pants and a t-shirt in order to avoid any rubbing with your sheets.