Competition tan

Anyone who has ever competed in a physique competition, bikini competition, and/or bodybuilding competition knows that an important part of the process is getting the perfect spray tan. You have worked so hard to be in the best shape and you want to present yourself at your very best on the stage. A competition tan is much more involved than a regular spray tan. It is extremely important that you follow the proper preparation to ensure optimal results. Remember, you’ve eaten right, trained right, and you need to prepare your skin right. As we say, never settle for mediocrity. Below, we’ve given you a guide to prepare for your competition tan.

*Please reserve your competition tan appointments in advance for specific technicians.

5 Simple Steps to Prepare for Your Spray:

  • MOISTURIZE for at least 7 days before the competition
  • EXFOLIATE thoroughly 48 hours prior to the spray tan
  • SHAVE completely the night before. This means you need to shave any area that will show during the competition that needs to be free of hair
  • CLEANSE. The day of your appointment, be sure that your skin is fresh. Wash off any deodorant, lotion, perfume, make-up or oils before you arrive.
  • WEAR PROPER SPRAY TANNING ATTIRE. Wear loose dark clothes and shoe wear that you can leave your appointment in and leave on for the next 8 hours. New Jersey State law requires bottoms during sunless spray sessions. Make sure that you have bottoms to wear during your appointment that are either equivalent or smaller than the ones you’ll be wearing on stage to ensure hidden tan lines. We can provide other options, such as touch up sprays, lotions, or shibues (no-line, strapless bottoms).

We understand that different types of competitions require different shades of skin tones.

We also recommend that you do a trial spray prior to competition to allow for adjustments in the shade of your competition tan or to see if more than one application is necessary. Generally, we recommend that you receive your spray tan the evening before your event; however, we will always make ourselves available to you the following morning for any touch ups or enhancements.

5 Simple Aftercare Instructions:

  • STAY DRY. Make sure you do not get wet or excessively sweat prior to your shower. Make sure you do not apply any lotions or deodorant until you’ve showered. Please have your posing practice and final work outs finished before receiving your spray tan.
  • WEAR LOOSE CLOTHES. Do not change into tight clothes or jeans prior to your shower. When clothes rub against the spray tan, there is a chance that it can cause unevenness.
  • RINSE with warm water 8 hours after your appointment. Do NOT use soap for your first shower. Only use your hands to remove the bronzer from your skin.
  • PAT DRY. Be gentle and try not to rub the towel against your skin.
  • MOISTURIZE. You can apply lotion, glazes, or natural oils after your first shower. Do not use mineral oils, as they will pull from your tan and color (example: baby oil).
*Please refer to our what to expect pages for additional information on competition
 preparation and aftercare

Competition Rates:

Single Spray – $45.00
Touch-Up – $25.00
Trial + Single Spray – $80.00
Trial, Single Spray, and Touch-Up – $100.00