The Best And Worst Products For Your Spray Tan

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Taking care of your skin after your spray tan and the aftercare products you use will make all the difference. Therefore, to ensure your success in maintaining your tan, I’ve compiled a list of the best and worst aftercare products you can use, so study up and get prepared for the best tan of your life!

The Worst Products For Your Spray Tan:

  1. Dove: Dove is the absolute worst soap you can use for your spray tan! We consider dove the villain of the spray tan industry. Not only will it cause streaking and fading, but it’ll turn you orange! Dove changes the pH level of your skin and throws off the whole spray tanning process! It’ll ruin your whole week!
  2. Irish Spring: Not only will this dry out your skin, but it’ll even cause or worsen acne, irritate sensitive skin and it contains mineral oils which will pull your spray tan right off!
  3. Oil of Olay: This soap can not only sensitize your skin to allergies, but it can cause serious skin irritation. Oil of Olay is a big no no for your spray tan.
  4. Aveeno: This product contains alcohol which will dry out your skin and fade your spray tan dramatically.

With the products listed above, and most other generic products (i.e. bath and body works, dial, ivory, etc.) you can really feel the difference; they strip all the natural oils from your skin that your skin needs to be healthy! The most important thing you can do for your spray tan and your skin in general is invest products that protect your skins natural oils and nourish your skin with the essential fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins that it needs to prevent aging and retain elasticity.

Now for the good news! Here are some of the best products you can use on your skin and not only will they nourish your skin but they’ll also increase the length and quality of your spray tan, guaranteed!

The Best Products For Your Spray Tan:

skin care

Angel by Designer Skin

1.  Angel By Designer Skin (Kiwi Pear): This lotion contains vitamin D which is a powerful antioxidant that will protect your skin and has wonderful anti-aging benefits. This miracle in a bottle also contains white birch extract and copper PCA which will visibly improve your skins firmness, texture, and even remove water weight and bloating! Angel contains hemp seed oil, which is the ultimate moisturizer; containing a rich source of essential fatty acids, 9 key amino acids, a perfect 3:1 ratio of omega-3 and omega-3 linoleic acids, natural proteins, and vitamins. Last but not least, this lotion will extend the quality and length of your spray tan! This product is the best of the best!


Best wash to use with a spray tan

2. Tiny Bubbles By Designer Skin (Crushed Pineapple and Coconut): Let me start by saying this is, in our opinion, the best soap for spray tanning on the market! Tiny Bubbles is extremely moisturizing and infused with natural oils which leaves your skin hydrated and healthy. The Vitaplus and Opti-glow technologies in this soap offer a mixture of vitamins and conditioners that create younger looking skin. You can even use Tiny Bubbles as a bubble bath! Most importantly, this wash contains tan extenders to lengthen the life and quality of your tan. In our opinion you just can’t beat it!


Juicy by Designer Skin

3. Juicy By Designer Skin (White Peach): This lotion is passion fruit juice based, and has vitamins and antioxidants to create younger looking skin. Juicy heals irritated skin and has chamomile to help soothe skin and prevent aging. Juicy also contains safflower oil, which helps lock in moisture all day and as a bonus, heals and prevents acne! Not to mention, it smells AMAZING!

Argan Oil

Beau Monde by High Fashion

4. Beau Monde By High Fashion (Tahitian Palm Milk, Pomegranate, Mango): This lotion contains argan oil which conditions your skin, lengthens the life of your tan, and reverses signs of aging. Beau Monde is made with CoQ10 which promotes cell renewal, reduces fine lines and firms your skin. As a bonus, the silicone in this lotion fills fine lines for instant results while other ingredients work on long-term results.

Ultimately we’d recommend these amazing products to you even if you weren’t spray tanning, this is because it’s not just about extending the life of your tan, it’s also about keeping your skin healthy and preventing all the free radical damage caused by harmful uv rays, aging and stress. Taking care of your skin is so important to your overall health. So stay informed and stay golden!

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