The History of Tanning

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel

For hundreds of years people considered tanned skin a sign of poverty, it was believed to be proof that someone worked outdoors. High class women shielded their skin from the sun, and even went to extreme measures to achieve a porcelain white complexion. All of that changed because of a French fashion designer named Coco Chanel. In 1923, after sailing on a yacht in the Riviera, Coco came home sporting a tan that launched into a fad, and eventually, an entire industry. Before long everyone wanted to look bronzed, and they all spent hours working on their tans. Sunburns were very common, leading to a significant rise in skin cancer.

Vintage Spray Tan

First spray tan machine

Dermatologists warned about how damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun were, so they designed the first tanning bed. Before long doctors began to realize that tanning lamps might even be more dangerous than the sun. Those who want to sport a tan nowadays, without the damage or risk of skin cancer, have turned to “sunless” tanning. Spray tans have come a long way since they were first introduced during World War 2. In the beginning they got a bad rap for being orange or streaky, but products nowadays are much more refined and can give tanners the same natural look that they’d get from the sun. There’s also many spray tan products that are completely organic, like the ones we use here at Bronzatura. If you haven’t switched over to spray tanning yet, come in and try it today for only $20 and you’ll fall in love with our safe and natural alternative to harmful ultraviolet rays!


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