Spray Tan After Care

Spray Tan Aftercare

The quality and longevity of your tan is highly affected by your spray tan aftercare. So that you can maintain your beautiful glow, please take the time to read our tan aftercare instructions.

You must wait a full 8 hours before you shower to allow the solution to fully develop. If you rinse prior to the recommended 8 hours it may result in a lighter shade or possibly risk rinsing it all off.

There is a cosmetic bronzer in the solution, which acts as a color guide for your technician. You will have some color immediately after you are sprayed. The color will continue to darken as the solution develops. Once you shower you will see this color guide wash off and the color of your skin will appear very natural.

While showering, do not use rag, loofah, or body scrub on your skin. Your best option is to simply rinse with warm water and your hands for your first shower. After 24 hours, you may use body wash. Apply the soap to your body with your hands over the next few days. The soap you use can make or break your tan! We urge you not to use Dove soap, bar soap or alcohol based soaps, they will strip your color or cause imperfections in your tan. The best investment you can make to maintain your tan is a proper body wash.

After showering, pat dry with your towel rather than rubbing or brushing against your skin.

Most importantly, LOTION, LOTION, LOTION! Be sure to moisturize as often as possible after your first shower and keep your skin moisturized throughout the duration of your spray tan.

With proper spray tan after care our spray tan generally lasts 5-7 days. Using tan extending products will also help to ensure the quality of your tan and increase the longevity as well

For more information and answers to other questions you may have please visit the FAQ page. Or always feel to give us a call we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.