Why Go Organic?

organic spray tan

Safe tanning

First of all, many non-organic spray tan solutions can contain chemicals that can dry out your skin. So there is also a chance that your skin can absorb potentially toxic chemicals if you continually use a non-organic solution. Not only will it protect your health by coming to an organic airbrush salon like Bronzatura, but it also will help to save the environment. All-natural cosmetics are made with sustainable technologies and therefore have a smaller impact on the environment than beauty products that use the traditional process.

At our salon you will receive natural-looking results and we guarantee that! Because organic solutions use mild tanning agents, it’s much easier to control the results and find the perfect color to match every skin tone.


healthy skin

All of our solutions are either water or aloe based and are designed to improve the skin as they work.  We even have solutions that contain moisturizing and anti-aging benefits. The all natural ingredients in our solutions make it perfect for people with allergies and sensitive skin as well.

In inorganic solutions there are chemicals that have been approved for cosmetic use but researchers haven’t been able to study the long-term effects of them, so using organic solutions can help you prevent your skin from absorbing those harmful chemicals.

Overall our airbrush salon offers a safer alternative to, not only uv rays, but harmful chemicals that other spray tan solutions might contain.



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